Tom Jones – He’s Back and Yes, I’m Writing about Him

Cover Art for Surrounded by Time
Album Cover – Surrounded by Time

Tom Jones is back, and yes, I’m writing about him. I was listening to Outlaw Country on Sirius XM awhile back when I heard a song that sounded very familiar. It was the song “Talking Reality Show Blues.” But, it was way more funky and included sound effects than the Americana version I was familiar with. I had first heard this song from the songwriter’s original version. That songwriter, of course, is the great and cosmic Todd Snider.

However, this new version of the song grabbed me. I had to double check via Google that I had heard correctly and that the song had been done by Tom Jones. It certainly sounded like him, but this was different than anything I’d heard from Tom “What’s New Pussycat” Jones! I had to find out more.

I sought out the cut on YouTube, and that led me to the 2021 album Surrounded by Time. The Ethan Johns produced album was recorded just before the pandemic was officially confirmed to be upon us in early 2020, but the release was held until 2021. It’s an action packed album full of great songs. John’s product and Jones’s performance are fantastic and produce something unique that makes one stop and want to know more.

Album Highlights

The aforementioned “Talking Reality Show Blues” was the first single and is really the standout tune. Snider was album to percolate down where we are in society and how we got to the point of the former president of the United States. Other standout tunes are the Bob Dylan Desire cover of “One More Cup of Coffee,” Tony Joe White‘s “Ol’ Mother Earth,” and the Cat Stevens’s penned “Pop Star.” All that being said, the whole album merits a listen. I bought a physical copy because that just me, but if you stream, go seek out this album and these cuts. You won’t be disappointed.

He’s Still Got It

At 80 years young, Tom Jones still has it, and I can distinctly say that Tom Jones is back, and I’m writing about him. He’s a unique cat that can combine singing, performance, and artistic license to create true art. I never thought I’d be writing a blog about him, but I’m better for having heard this album. It also made me want to go re-listen to his earlier work. He’s still performing and still delivering. Thanks, Tom!