What Chris is Missing about Live Music

Kris Kristofferson and friends perform on the Outlaw Country Cruise 5 2020

Previously, I’ve blogged about what live music means to me, but with this blog, I will outline specifically What Chris is Missing about Live Music. Of course, Chris is me, but it could be you, as well. Are you missing live music as much as I am? Do you promise yourself you won’t take it for granted again? I know that I do. What will the post-pandemic music scene look like? Will shows be as prevalent as they were before? Will small venues re-open? There are lots of things to consider. But, below is what I’m most looking forward to…providing everyone gets their vaccines, and we stamp this virus out.

The Never Ending Tour

I’ve seen Bob Dylan over the years more than 30 times. It usually involved at least one show a year. At the most, it would be between a year or a year and a half between shows. Bob changes the setlist and the arrangements of his work so often that each show is different, so it is crazy good. I always feel like I’m seeing an old friend whether the show is at the Beacon Theater in New York City or a casino show. I’m hoping Bob is still charged up about getting back out on the road and looking forward to seeing him some time soon.

The Horse Rides Again

Here’s hoping that Neil Young and Crazy Horse are back on the road again, as well. I recently wrote about their 1990 live album Way Down in the Rust Bucket and listening to that album made me want to see them again even more. Poncho has retired to Hawaii, but early and frequent Neil collaborator and E Street band member Nils Lofgren has stepped in and the Horse will be stronger than ever.

Singer-Songweriter Shows

Oklahoma City is well known for a great venue called the Blue Door that is super intimate and limited seating. There are several other similar (but in my opinion not nearly as good) venues all over the USA. Listening to a singer-songwriter bear their soul and getting to see them in a great venue like this is well worth your time. The last show I saw at the Blue Door was Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. Find one of these close to you and check it out.


There are festivals for just about every type of music out there. They can be overwhelming and too big for some people’s tastes. However, if you find the right festival that is in the genre that you enjoy, they can be a ton of fun. I’m looking forward to hitting some bluegrass festivals (maybe DelFest this year or next) and possibly some other music festivals/events like Willie Nelson’s 4th of July picnic. I’m excited for the Outlaw Country Cruise to return in February of 2022. It’s the 6th voyage and a festival at sea.

Medium and Smaller Theater/Venue Shows

I love these types of venues as well, and we are blessed in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to have a lot of these great venues. Cains Ballroom, VZDs, the Tower Theater, and the Tulsa Theater are just a few of these. Some times, I have been surprised by a show being added to one of these venues at almost the last minute. It gives music fans the chance to catch a great band or artist in your own town. The Bottle Rockets added a show a couple of years ago, and it was great to be able to catch them.

The Bottom Line

We are hopefully soon going to be through the worst of the pandemic. Hopefully, everyone gets vaccinated, and live music makes a big comeback. Once these things happen, let’s get out and support artists and venues. What Chris is Missing about Live Music the most is the music.