It has been a while

Chris enjoying the Oklahoma Heat in September 2022

It has been a while since I last wrote one of these blogs. I have had several things that I have wanted to get down in writing, but honestly, have been so slammed with a lot of things going on professionally and personally. All have been good things, it is just that my schedule has been a bit crazy. Every feel that way?

Summer was a great season, even though it was hotter than a two dollar pistol in Oklahoma. We did not get out to a lot of shows, and I am still in a holding pattern on booking shows. Will hopefully get started back up with some live shows after the first of the year, but I have been writing a lot and working on some brand new music that I hope to share in project format during 2023. I have enough songs to do about three albums, but not sure I will put that much music out just yet.

We did get a chance to see Willie Nelson and the Who earlier this year. Both were phenomenal shows, and I wrote about Willie. We also had the pleasure of being guests at the Bonnie Raitt/Lucinda Williams show in Tulsa. I have also been going back and going through some early bluegrass music that influenced me (Jim & Jesse, the Osborne Brothers, & Bill Monroe) along with some live Bob Dylan show bootlegs (please don’t sue me, Bob) that I found in my shed when cleaning out some boxes of music paraphernalia. These show reminded me what I love about live music and how the master, Dylan himself, crafted shows around his immense catalog, along with a smattering of covers that influenced him. You can tell, even to this day, that Bob plays what inspires him, not what other people want to hear.

We are hoping to get out to the Blue Door and possibly the new Beer City Music Hall in Oklahoma City this month and next month to catch a few shows and friends that we have not seen in a while. If you are not familiar with Corb Lund or Nikki Lane, please check out their music.

It has been a while, and I will be back soon with some project updates and hopefully some new music for those that read this and are interested. In the mean time, take care of yourselves and here’s one of my recordings back during COVID that I recorded in the backroom of our house and when I was growing my beard with anticipation of joining ZZ Top.