COVID-19 Thoughts

It’s been a tough couple of months for a lot of reasons. There’s too much death and sickness to talk about the negative things that some of us have experienced. It doesn’t feel on the same level. We lost John Prine to the virus and also Joe Diffie, who was a great Oklahoman musician. I last saw Joe a couple of years ago in the Las Vegas airport. We were just passing through, and I said hi to him when we passed in the terminal, and typical Joe Diffie, he was as nice as could be and headed for another show.

But, this whole pandemic has made me really reflect on the value of music to my life, and really what it means to me. First of all, as a performer and songwriter, may I never take for granted the opportunity to be able to gather with other likeminded souls to share in my musical thoughts and creations. What a privilege, it has been for me to get to do this over the years. I hope other musicians will reflect on this, as well. Without the folks paying for tickets, buying cds or merch, we wouldn’t get the chance to do what we do. I know that i am only a part-time player with a day job, so I’m not hurting as much as other musicians are.

Which brings me to my next point, as a fan, I appreciate the music and miss it so much. I miss getting to go see shows, feel the music, and getting the opportunity to interact with other fans and even the artists. As a live music lover, it’s been tough, but I also keep my thoughts not the positive and on doing the right thing…we have to wait until it’s safe for everyone. We can wait it out and enjoy a DVD or a stream a concert on our TV services. We can take the time to watch a live stream of one of our favorite artists and take the opportunity to send them a tip. Also, purchasing merch right now is a great way to support your favorites, so please, if you can afford it, please do so.

We’ll be seeing shows again some time down the road. I don’t want to say soon, because we don’t know when. My main goal is for everyone to stay safe and focus on gratitude in this time. Reflect on the great shows you have seen in the past. Watch a concert online or through your TV service. I watched the “Last Waltz” by the Band a couple of weeks ago, and it remind me how awesome they were. But, check out a documentary or a show digitally, it’s fun. If you’re a picker of any level, play some tunes for your family around the house. In many ways, we have gone back in time to an era when music on the radio or played in the house was the main form of entertainment. Embrace it.

What privilege we have to be alive…even during this tough time. Keep those that are sick or have lost loved ones in your thoughts and meditations. Let’s focus on good habits to stay safe and control this thing. We should listen to the scientists and avoid the politicians and do what is right by each other. With gratitude and grace, we will make it through this. Let’s use it as a way to be better people and to love the music. Hell, let’s put down the cell phones and just love the music. We can do it.