I’ve seen the future, but cut the cliches, Margo Price is awesome

I recently had the chance to finally see Margo Price in concert. We caught two shows and a live interview on the Outlaw Country Cruise. I’ve been listening to her music and watching her from afar for the last few years, but let me tell you, she’s the real deal. Singer, check. Songwriter, check. Bandleader, check. Boss, check.

Margo commands the stage with her songs and style. She reminds me of some of the greats in country music such as Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and even Patsy Cline. She is clearly having fun, but she’s also clearly in charge. Her songs are catchy, funny, original, but also address some of the things she’s seen in the business.

It’s no secret anymore the challenges that women face in the music. The stories are hard to bear of what they often have to put up with, and Margo’s not afraid to share the truth, three chords or not. These challenges are important to address across society and business, as a whole, but the country music world has seen it’s unique share of challenges.

I love many of the older country tv shows. From the Wilburn Brothers to Porter Wagoner to Ernest Tubb, they all have entertained me through the years. However, the moniker “girl singer” was often added to phenomenal talents that happened to be female. Margo Price is part of the generation that is exploding this mold. She’s a businessperson and a great artist and writer, a real force to be reckoned with through the years to come.

If you get a chance to go see her, please don’t take your time like I did. My wife and I had a chance to meet her, also, and she is a phenomenally nice and generous person. The kind of person you want to pull for to have even more success. I’ll be watching, as I know bigger and bigger things are going to come from her.

(photo by Chris Davis)MargoPriceOutlawCruise