That song reminded me of the photo in my wallet

I met Guy Clark once. He was super gracious to me, especially since I was a fan and acted accordingly, gushing all over him about how much his music meant to me. He probably just wanted another cigarette in the alley behind the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, but I was there to bug him. Even though he’s been gone for over two years, Guy’s music still inspires me to this day.

Tamara Saviano wrote a great official biography of Guy, and I’d encourage you to pick up a copy of it. 

Earlier this afternoon, my wife and I were driving home from an afternoon of errands and minutiae when “Dublin Blues” came on the old satellite radio. “Well, I wish I was in Austin….”

I turned it up, like I’m known to do when it’s a song that I love and sang to my heart’s content. I really did wish I was in Austin. I really was hoping my wife would forgive me for my anger and my faults. That’s how Guy’s music works. Too many people don’t know enough about Guy Clark.

The song also reminded me of a photo I carry in my wallet. It’s a snap that we had some random stranger take of my wife and I on our honeymoon in Rome. We’re sitting on the Spanish Steps, and the picture shows how happy we were. Well, we’re still happy and loving life. (I’ll not try to be the tortured artist – my wife is my best friend and biggest encourager.) But, every time I hear “Dublin Blues,” it takes me back to that moment in 2007, when we were in Rome…”I loved you on the Spanish Steps, the day you said goodbye.” It still almost makes me tear up.

So, I carry that picture with me every day. And, knowing that it’s there, is a comfort for me. Kind of like how I used to have comfort by knowing that Guy Clark was there. Guiding the ship and influencing the songwriting world. But, while he might not be here physically, his presence still influences.

I’m lifting a Mad Dog margarita for Guy tonight. Thanks for the songs and for always taking me back. You still inspire me, and yes, I did love her from the get-go, and I’ll love her till I die.

For more info on Guy Clark, visit his official site here.